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Staging - you never get a 2nd chance at a 1st impression!

Why stage your property?


  • To create emotional connection with potential buyers and focus their attention on the value and desirability of the home
  • To increase competitive advantage, and perceived value and visual appeal to potential buyers
  • To minimize any flaws or visual negatives of the home and enhance it's best features to increase overall appeal
  • Staged homes usually sell 2-3 times faster than homes that have not been staged,particularly in a slow market
  • Staged homes often sell for more money than the homes that have not been staged.
  • Home staging is far less expensive than a price reduction: great photos attract more buyers and produce more showings
  • To reduce stress of preparing your property for sale by providing a clear and easy to use recommendations report

Home Staging Statistics 

  • 97% of buyers first go on the internet to see the property
  • 91% of people believe that staging greatly impacts the sale of the property
  • 74% of the sellers would remove, rearrange or resize furniture if it would increase their sale price
  • 36% of the buyers would be willing to pay more for a home with updated decor
  • 47% said that the need for a major renovation would most negatively influence their buying decision
  • 53% said that strong odors had more impact on their impression, than overall tidiness and cleanliness
  • 63% preferred a higher priced home in move-in condition, over a lower-priced 'fixer-upper'
  • 78% of objections are predetermined before viewing, by location and size
  • 22% of objections arise from the condition of the property - a factor which the seller has control over


We have worked very successfully with several local home staging professionals and encourage you to give one of them a call to ensure your home looks its very best.


Danisha Drury, Interior Designer of Victoria BC Canada, brings her love for interior design and staging into every project. Visit http://www.danishadrury.com  to book a staging or interior design consultation.


Valerie Westra, a home staging consultant, is passionate about helping people prepare their property for sale:


"At First Sight Home Staging Solutions is a full service home staging company.  Our mission is to bring harmony to the lives of our clients and help them reach their goals in less time, by making the process of selling their home stress-free, and achieving the highest return on their investment.


We work with busy homeowners who are often overwhelmed with the process of getting their property ready for sale.  We take care of all aspects of preparation, to make their home stand out above the competition,  attract more buyers, minimize the days on the market, and make the selling  process seamless and worry-free."    Go to http://www.atfirstsightstaging.ca